The World Domination Online Remote Team Building Game

Welcome to the game in which every decision you make changes the world, whether its for the better or for the worse!

This is a live action turn based- strategy and role-playing game, one that will reveal yours and your teams true colours. Choose to invest in the environment, cities, shields or nuclear weapons... what happens next is your call as your team strives for world domination. As the game plays out over 2 hours, you will need to create alliances with countries, boost your economy and the living standards of your cities, you will have the potential to develop nuclear technology which takes you on the path to be able to destroy your opponents cities.

You may be responsible for the next world war... will you be the peacemaker or aggressor? .. can your allies trust you? ... the burden of power is much more dangerous than it seems.

This game is played online. Players will be divided into teams, each of which will be a country. You will promote a President and negotiators along with ministers for the environment. You will learn to trust and bluff, negotiate or confront - with the end goal of world dominance with the winning country having the highest standard of living.

The hosts of your game are representatives of the UN, they will facilitate your discussions and oversee the decisions you make. They will provide updates on the world overview as the game unfolds, you will see which countries have imposed sanctions on you, which cities have been destroyed and how your own economy is doing.

You will need a laptop or tablet with a working camera to play. You will need a free version of Zoom.

The game can be booked as a public or private game.

Private Games

If you would like to play a game with only the players from your booking, you will need to book a private game.

The links will be sent to the lead booker, via email, once your slot has been confirmed. The minimum number of players is 12.

This game can have up to 35 players, so is ideal for corporate bookings. Teams will be assigned randomly.

Corporate bookings

World Domination can be changed to fit your corporate requirements, we can create specific teams, or randomly assign them for example.

We can create a bespoke gaming experience for your team. Please email us to talk about the options available to you.

Please email [email protected] or call 01342 718472

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